Atlanta Loves Me

June 14, 2009

I know it does, because it keeps trying to get me to stay. Atlanta refuses to relinquish my bag, and keeps cancelling flights out of Atlanta that I’m booked on.

I couldn’t help but think that maybe I’m supposed to be in Atlanta for a reason. Like Tom Hanks in The Terminal. At this point, I noticed a cute girl staring at me from across the gate. So I kinda stared back. Then I realized I was sitting undeneath the TV.

Finally in Illinois

June 12, 2009

First, the post-script to the airline debacle.

After getting my flight canceled (and get a free bonus visit with JO), I fully expected to arrive in Illinois without my bag. I figured there’s no chance it gets on the plane with me.

So I wasn’t surprised in the least when about 25 bags came out for the 25 people waiting. There should be about 40 bags, because women have two.

Then I was stunned when I got to the counter and there were a stack of bags waiting for us 10 annoyed fliers who thought we were bagless.


Secondly, on Christmas I posted that my cousin has a vast CD collection. “Vast” doesn’t do it justice. He tells people how many CDs he has, and people think “Oh, that’s cool.” But you don’t quite grasp how big it is until you see it.

When I moved, I realized “I have too many CDs” and tossed the jewel cases of about 2/3 of my collection and put the rest in a binder. The binder holds 288, so I have about 240 CDs.

My cousin stopped counting years ago at 3000. This is most of his CDs:


There's also random stacks scattered around

He also has random songs that he doesn’t have on CD, because the album wasn’t worth purchasing. That is one 500 gig hard drive full of mp3s. The average music fan has a 60 gig iPod loaded up with their music. My cousin, would need at least 220 (60 gig) iPods to hold all his music.

More Posts About Weddings

June 11, 2009

Wedding = running diary. Sorry no Denali this time.

I was hoping to avoid some kind of issue like my last wedding flight. Flying into Rochester for Pritchard’s wedding, Delta forgets to put my bag on the plane during an Atlanta layover. Luckily it arrived before I needed the suit.

Think I learn my lesson? No. This time, I fly Delta, through Atlanta and instantly fear the worst. I’m headed to BMI airport. The ticket person grabs the bag sticker, reads BMI and says “Who’s going to Baltimore-Washington?”

So did the bag make it? Don’t know. The flight was canceled and now I’m sitting in Atlanta.

Lucky for me, I know Julie. Who lives two blocks from the MARTA train station. And was home. And had no plans for the night. And is my new bestest friend/hero.

She’s making me earn my keep by decorating her apartment. This would be kind of emasculating, except I’ve already accepted that I’ll be wearing her clothes later, since my bag is still at the Atlanta airport, probably sitting on the tarmac.

So, after channeling my inner Isaac Mizrahi and offering some decorating tips, it was time for hard labor. Here’s me nailing Julie’s mirror hangers in the hallway:

The Hammer says "Do it Herself" on it. It's still manly.

The Hammer says "Do it Herself" on it. It's still manly.

They'd been sitting around for months

They'd been sitting around for months

The finished product

The finished product

The Dance of Joy

The Dance of Joy

Ok, time to see some of the… whatever city. What’s Atlanta? Oh The Peach City. Yeah.

Wedding Recap

December 15, 2008
The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

The wedding was very good. Heavy on the Bon Jovi, but what do you expect? The Bride & Groom were adorable. It was great to see the two of them independently happy at the wedding, and of course happy together. The Bride told us “Marrying him is like being married to a Hallmark card.”

At the end of the ceremony, instead of having the ushers dismiss people by rows, the Bride and Groom returned to do that, hugging and thanking people for coming. It was a nice touch. Like, combining the ushering out and the receiving line into one time-saving act.

Saturday Night Fever!
Saturday Night Fever!

The reception was good, we were seated at Table 9, which anyone who’s seen The Wedding Singer knows is reserved for unloveable freaks. Speaking of freaks, there was one gentleman there named Sean (or Shawn, he didn’t spell it), who came dressed in a white leisure suit (I think, I don’t know if I have ever seen a leisure suit to identify it, but this seemed close). and pulling off a John Travolta-like look.

After traditional first dances, the party got started (Skeeter is now officially a Crown Royal drinker), with the flask coming in extremely handy.  I’m pretty sure the bartender is wondering how someone drinking sprite can be so inebriated.

The Bride doing the Soldja Boy was one of the highlights of the evening, as well as the group picture with the Bride & Groom and the Tulane Krewe — complete with singing of the Hullabaloo — and she knew the words! What a keeper!

The couple seemed genuinely pleased that we had come, and everyone had a good time, despite there not being any good looking single people there (one girl did have an expensive set of fake boobs though, sorry there’s no pictures of that).

To have and to hold, and to Superman!

To have and to hold, and to Superman!

There were no updates Sunday because my laptop battery didn’t charge, and we had plugged the laptop into the car stereo to play our own MP3s. The car ride home was much like the car ride there, only more singing and less therapy sessions. We didn’t cross that line where we can no longer look each other in the eyes anymore, but we walked right up to the line and tiptoed along it the best we could.

A One, A Two...

A One, A Two...

Road Trip Preview

December 12, 2008

Friday, a few of us will be skipping work and driving to Jacksonville, Fla. to attend a coworker’s wedding.

The bags are packed, the trip has been well planned out (I hope. Naturally my planning consisted of saying “yeah, sure” on Tuesday), and we’re all set for a road trip.

I figured after yesterday’s record number of hits (bringing our total audience to, I believe, seven), it would be a bad time to just skip out for a few days. Considering the odds of car ride shenanigans and my coworker’s desire to surf instead of work, I think a live blog is in order. We’ll bring you a couple live updates from the road in the event that something happens.

Here’s your primer:
The victim: JN is getting hitched. I’m sure his bride’s lovely.

The ride: A red convertible with the top down and Alaska plates, but no open container laws will be broken so you don’t need to know that

The Krewe: There’s four of us: Skeeter (aka Bean), Coug (a female veteran of the party animal circuit), Bama Slick (everyday good guy who prefers reordering the names on his birth certificate), and yours truly.

On board: Laptop with two batteries and broadband card, the wedding suit including Cuddle With Me Shoes (like F-Me shoes, but I’m not that easy).

The Plan: I’ll let you know as soon as someone fills me in.