The Commercialization of my Stream of Consciousness (XVI)

October 2, 2010

I’m not a fan of Apple products, but the worst damage they’ve inflicted is the music on their iphone/ipad commercials. Because every single product is now using a similar annoyingly upbeat musical score to all their ads now. You can identify it with the simple piano hook and snapping and/or clapping.

The Snuggie! Now featuring novelty dances from 15 years ago!

There’s one thing I’m fairly certain of in life: If I mastered a Fushigi, my friends would not be amazed, mystified or impressed. They’d call me a freaking dork.

Do 45 year old women get mad at the CougarLife commercial because all the girls in it are like, 28 years old?

What Happened To Bravo?

September 17, 2010

When I was younger (and didn’t care about that crap) Bravo was a network dedicated to the performing arts, drama, and independent film.  Things like “Inside The Actor’s Studio” was the only thing I watched because the rest of their programming was too sophisticated for my 18-24 year old tastes.

Now, it’s West Wing reruns and a pile of trash. I’d love to see Inside The Actor’s Studio back.

There’s six “Real Housewives” shows, a dozen fashion or modeling reality shows and another half dozen celebrity lifestyle reality shows.

Like Marge Simpson said: “Wow, Fox turned into a hardcore pornography channel so gradually, I didn’t even notice”

I always assumed it would happen, I just figured it networks like Fox would do before Bravo.

Stream of Consciousness XVI

July 19, 2010

The Death Pool is updated, now that Big Stein’s done floppin and twitchin’

I had a 3:43 conversation with someone in which it took way too long to realize we were in the same building, no more than 50 feet from each other. We then continued talking, even though we were less than 20 feet from one another. I bet if you told Alexander Graham Bell that one day, two family members 20 feet apart would be on the phone with each other in Texas with the call routed through Louisiana, he’d had smashed his new invention with a hammer.

Watching all seven seasons of West Wing (in about 15 days), really actually made me miss work. I mean, these guys are working 18-20 hours a day, chugging coffee, wearing suits and ties, just grinding it out. It reminded me of working the NCAA Tournament. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I want that lifestyle for eight consecutive years, but I have that warrior mentality that gets you through working those long hours. On an unrelated note, I’m writing this at 3:23 pm while taking the last sip of my morning coffee in my pajamas.

I gave serious consideration to using my free time to learning Spanish. Then I realized that I also said the exact same thing about learning to play the guitar. So I symbolically went to my garage and placed the concept next to my seldom-used guitar.

When did become such a abysmal news source? User-generated content as a major news gathering outlet? Egads. Can I get a refund on my journalism degree?

Delayed Reaction on TV

July 17, 2010

I’ve never been too interested in politics because it seems like a bunch of stupid people making stupid decisions completely devoid of common sense… and that’s when they’re not just trying to get re-elected.

Then I watched The West Wing. Yeah, show aired from 1998-2006, but I just watched it over the last two weeks. And I must say… I never realized what a sport politics was. It’s a lot like the conference realignment talks, or the late night wars, which fascinate me. Too bad the good stuff are things that goes on behind closed doors that I’ll never hear about, otherwise I might care about politics. Or at least know the names of more real life politicians than West Wing fictional politicians. Which is tragically true.

Before West Wing, I watched season one of Fringe (again). It’s a great show, but one thing really ticked me off. Peter just knew something even though Walter didn’t tell him. And Walter tells him to be more open minded about how ideas can be exchanged… “ideas can be exchanged by osmosis” Walter says.

There’s NO freaking way Walter makes that mistake. Everyone who’s stupid uses “Osmosis” as a metaphor for things besides water being transferred. But scientists like Walter (and Peter for that matter) HAVE a word for thate: it’s called Diffusion. Osmosis is just the Diffusion of water.

Normal people use Osmosis for all substances because… well for the same reason Twitter is popular. Osmosis is a fun word and diffusion is not. If Twitter had a non-fun name like, oh, say LinkedIn, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular.

Next up on the docket of shows for me to blow through:  Dexter, The Wire, 30 Rock, Burn Notice, Psyche, and Breaking Bad. Any other suggestions?

Ah, Customer Service

April 20, 2009

Me: Hi, my DVR records things with pixelated stutters. Why is that? Why can’t you provide me with a service that works?

CSR: Well, it only does that when there’s a lot of sudden pixel changes. That will happen sometimes. Are you trying to watch a program with fast movement?

Me: I’m trying to watch a freaking race. It’s all fast movement.

And We’re Back: Thoughts over Actions

March 16, 2009

I read something jarring, about how global communications will take away new thought. To paraphrase: “Connecting everyone will no longer lead to people having new ideas. It will just be people commentating in real time on what they see.”

Because it’s true, there’s nothing really earth shatting about that. Except it was written by Michael Crichton in The Lost World and published in 1996.

That’s why I don’t like Facebook, think Twitter is stupid, and find most the internet worthless. A lot of people seem to think people care what they are doing.


I don’t DO anything. Why whem my mom calls and asks “so what’s new with you?” once every three weeks, I say “nothing.” She can’t believe that’s true. It is. No one does anything.

All I do from October to March is work and watch college basketball.

The last four days, that’s all I wrote about here. And no one cared! A website is only as good as the ideas and thoughts its putting forth. They need to be intelligent, or really freaking funny in order for anyone to care. People don’t want an itinery for your day, people read website for humor or quality thoughts/ideas. (Working on it. It’s tough to be brilliant).

Along these lines, I was listening to a Bill Simmons podcast with Chuck Klosterman about the fall of newspapers, and how they failed to adapt to the internet, despite having unlimited space online to write longer, well thought out pieces that cannot be provided in the other media (print/radio/TV). It baffles me that as newspapers endure a financial crisis (Craigslist, Monster-like websites killed classified revenue streams), they’ve cut local coverage. Their niche is definitely local news and sports people cannot get anywhere else.

It seems like the most crucial aspect of newspapers/local TV is embracing new media, finding revenue streams from it, and out-lasting local competitors. The big thing that’s hurt newspapers is that no one is going to buy news when they get it online for free, and internet costs roughly the same amount per year as a printed paper subscription. The way to go for a newspaper would be to team up with a local TV, provide print stories and video from the TV network free of charge, and have the best website among the local outlets, with a heavy emphasis on local news/sports. Link to the affiliate website for national news via RSS feeds.

And feature my website as a columnist.

Selection Sunday

March 15, 2009

WED: 11
THU: 24
FRI: 26
SAT: 17
SUN: 4

After 82 games in five days, I can finally move my secondary TV back to the bedroom.

This bracket sucks. There’s only four “mid-major” at-larges, out of 34.

This is because the NCAA added two regular season games, which lets .500 major conference teams get into the tournament.

Now, if you go 9-9 in the Pac 10 or Big Ten, with those two extra games, you can be 21-11, 20-12, 19-13 and be in the NCAA Tournament instead of 19-11, 18-12, 17-13 and be out of the tournament.

It’s a complete and total joke that some of these big conference teams got in. Didn’t the regular season already prove that Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Arizona couldn’t compete for a championship?

We already KNOW that Maryland isn’t as good as Duke, UNC, Wake, Florida State and Clemson. Because they played them ELEVEN TIMES and lost NINE.

We know that Minnesota and Wisconsin aren’t as good as Michigan State, Illinois and Purdue.
Wisconsin: 2-5 vs Mich St, Illinois, Purdue and Ohio State, plus losses to UConn, Marquette, Texas and two to Minnesota. That’s 4-10 vs NCAA teams. We know they aren’t capable of going to the elite 8.

Minnesota is 0-5 vs MSU, Illinois and Purdue. 3-8 vs NCAA teams (taking out Wisconsin)

Arizona: 6-11 vs the top 75 of the RPI (and two of those wins are against teams who didn’t earn at-larges)

Oklahoma State: 4-10 vs top 50, 9-11 vs the top 100. They got a great RPI by LOSING. Against Oklahoma, Michigan St, Mizzou, Kansas, Washington and Gonzaga they went 1-8. Wins over Siena, Texas A&M, Texas (but losses to Texas and Texas A&M). They are mediocre.

We’re saying “Oh, well, they played a ton of tough teams and got a couple victories, they’re an NCAA team.” That’s rewarding mediocre teams for losing to good teams. And that’s stupid.

Hoops (Good and Bad)

March 12, 2009


“The man who is responsible for the song “One Shining Moment” making it onto CBS’ airwaves all the way back in 1987, has passed away today. CBS released a statement on the death of TV Exec, Doug Towey, who at the time of “OSM’s” inclusion in the tournament was a Creative Director at the network.

I may have written an actual post if I wasn’t busy watching 11 college basketball games all day. So this will have to do. Until Saturday or Sunday, I suppose, since there’s TWENTY FOUR games on tomorrow:

Providence-Louisville (ESPN)
Xavier-Saint Louis (A10 TV online)
Baylor-Kansas (ESPN2)

Kentucky-Ole Miss (CBS)

Marquette-Villanova (ESPN)
Michigan-Iowa (ESPN2)
Temple-St Joes (A10 TV online)

Arizona State-Arizona (FSN)

Georgia-Miss State (CBS)

Penn St-Indiana (ESPN2)

Washington vs Stanford (FSN)

UNLV-San Diego St (CBSC)

NC State-Maryland (ESPN2)
Pitt-West Virginia (ESPN)
Tulane-Memphis (CUSA TV online)

Alabama-Vanderbilt (CBS)

Dayton-Richmond (A10 TV online)
UConn-Syracuse (ESPN)

Arkansas-Florida (CBS)
Texas Tech-Missouri (ESPN2)

Wyoming-New Mexico (CBSC)
UCLA-Washington St/Oregon (FSN)

I Heart March

March 9, 2009

Oh, what an outstanding day. Slept til 10:30, left work at 4:50. Now I’m trying to figure out a way to watch four basketball games, Chuck and 24 all in a stretch of four hours (picture in picture, you rule).

6 p.m. ESPN: VCU blows out George Mason to take the Colonial (A GMU win would have helped Dayton).

6 p.m. ESPN2: Chattanooga tops Charleston to win the SoCon (Davidson should have won)

8 p.m. ESPN: Gonzaga vs St. Mary’s, West Coast final (both these teams should be in the NCAA tournament)

8 p.m. ESPN2: Siena vs Niagara, MAAC final (ditto. In fact all of them deserve to go ahead of anyone in the SEC not named Tennessee or LSU).

Two Games at the Same Time.

Two Games at the Same Time.

Apparently, tonight on Chuck, he’s thrown into a spy situation a normal guy can’t handle, but somehow gets through it while pining for the hot girl spy. And on 24, Jack has to get tough and break rules to fight a terrorist threat that could kill many main characters but probably won’t.

Tomorrow might be a light day of college hoops, but Wednesday is chock full of games, many of which can be watched in the office! I love my job. Anytime you can get paid to watch college basketball, you’re in the right profession.

How About An Appetizer?

February 1, 2009

No, I’m not talking about a Super Bowl Party. I’m stating that THERE IS NOTHING ON FOR FIVE HOURS BEFORE THE SUPER BOWL!

I can’t watch 19 hours of pre-game coverage. How about a college basketball game? You had six good games today, why were they all at the same time?

9 Michigan State vs Penn State, Dayton vs St. Joe’s, 1 Duke vs Virginia, 20 Illinois vs Iowa, Creighton vs Missouri State, 21 Villanova vs Cincinnati… can a brother get a triple-header starting at 11 am CT?