Adjusting to California (Motorist Edition)

November 9, 2010

One thing I don’t get about California is the attitude towards two-lane streets. There’s a road with two lanes in each direction on my way to work… and there’s a couple of stop signs on it. Why would you have a four-way stop sign on a road that’s four lanes wide total? If it’s got so much traffic on it you need two lanes, then it’s got enough traffic to put a stop light up.

I have to cross the end of that street, still four lanes wide, to walk into my office. And when you step into the shoulder, people 100 feet away will come to a stop and wait for you to cross. It baffles me. There’s four lanes. There’s plenty of room/time for me to walk across the street and dodge you. Just keep your speed and I’ll avoid you. I feel like a jerk when you stop. I’m not a school boy, I can cross the street without getting hit.

That Was Bizarre

October 30, 2009

I turned right onto Audubon Place, a very narrow one-way (well, it’s two ways with a giant median/”neutral ground” down the middle) with parked cars on the right side.

Before I turned, I waited for some chick on a bike to clear the intersection. Then I came to a stop, while someone driving down the street had stopped and was talking through their open window to someone sitting in a parked car on the side of the street.

Naturally, it was a Cadillac. Anytime someone’s stopping the flow of traffic or going to be a Cadillac or Buick, or some other old person’s American made car.

As I grew a little frustrated, I then noticed that between me and the Caddy was the chick on the bike. Sitting there, pissed off like I was… like she was a CAR.

Hello. You’re on a bike. Just ride on the neutral ground/median around the freaking car. You’re not bound to roads. In fact, you really shouldn’t be riding down the middle of the street like a car when you’re not a car.

After about 90 seconds, the Caddy pulled up and pulled over and I resumed my drive home… only to realize that my 20 mph speed on this street was still WAY too freaking fast for the FREAKING BIKE in front of me.

Which led me to ponder… who is the most stupid person of those two? The parked Caddy driver, blocking traffic like a self-absorbed A-hole. Or the crazy chick who thinks she’s driving a car when she’s on a freaking bike?

I’m So Proud…

October 1, 2009

We’ve all been at a red light, and seen an instance in which someone isn’t paying attention and the driver behind him gives him the honk (usually accompanied by yelling “GO!”).

You never want to be the guy to receive that honking. It just makes you feel like a jackass.

A couple weeks ago, I pulled up to a red light behind just one car. The driver in front of me was trying to time the light, and kept creeping forward in anticipation.

He was crawling ahead for like four full seconds, and got almost an entire car length into the intersection, but the light was still red. So he had to come to a complete stop.

Just as he came to a complete stop, the light turned green.

It was that moment, that I honked at him.

Oh man was that awesome. I was ridiculously proud of myself.