Sensory Input & My Hyper Imagination

January 20, 2009

As I was watching the Inauguration today on BET, and my thought was process reminded me of yesterday’s acclimation point. Specifically, how it applies to all sensory input.

For example, my thoughts when they noted that the President was five minutes late in taking the oath, because Bush’s term expired at noon, made me think “Now is the perfect time for a terrorist attack.”

Because it was. The whole power of the government was sitting outside on a deius, and no one could react to a national security threat without alerting all major networks and most the minor ones, too. And creating a panic is most of what terrorism is all about.

As this applies to my point: The reason I’m thinking about terrorist attacks and not the sociological significance of the event is because I’ve seen five hours of 24 in the last nine days. My mind is in Jack Bauer mode.

Torture might be a little extreme.

Torture might be a little extreme.

Jack Bauer mode means I see people acting shady and I want to apprehend and torture them in case our national security is at stake. It’s not a rational thought, but “What Would Jack Bauer Do?” is a mindset most 24 fans find themselves in after watching.

And I don’t think I “just” have a hyperactive imagination.

My friend Dawn put it brilliantly after we noticed about a 3000% increase in her use of profanity, “Sorry, I’m watching the Sorpano’s now, going through all the seasons on DVD. I didn’t think it was really affecting me that much. But I guess it must be, since you just heard me say ‘fucking cocksucker'”