Stream of Consciousness III

January 10, 2009

I love my job because of the fact that if I had to get a real job, I wouldn’t get to experience winning. Oh sure, if I was a corporate business man, we might break a sales record. But are they going to hang a banner in the rafters above the cubicles? No, they ain’t taking my ring size for that. Then again, if I worked in a cube, I’d never know the frustration of blowing an 18-point lead and losing on a pair of free throws with 1.9 seconds left.

Jack is back Sunday. I am excited. Speaking of Jack Bauer, I think you could build an entire season of 24 around Obama’s Blackberry.

Patrick Swayze was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. This is not good. It’s only Jan. 10. He’s got to make it the whole year, because I did not pick him in the death pool.

Speaking of the Death Pool, The Death Pool Page is finally updated and finalized.

Humidor page, too

An actor who played a wannabe mobster in “The Sopranos” was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison for a botched burglary that left an off-duty New York police officer dead. This makes me feel less guilty about illegally downloading the Soprano’s to watch on my computer. It’s difficult to watch the show and not want to get in on the act of criminal activity.

Does anyone else ever watch Classic replays of games they saw, in which their team loses, but they can’t look away? Watching the Mets lose Game Seven of the 2006 NLCS makes me want to Pull out my own eye and eat it.

I’ll repeat: THE MAN IN THE LINK PULLS OUT HIS OWN FREAKING EYE AND EATS IT!!! Holy hell, how messed up is that?