Caution: Hard Hat Area

December 17, 2008

Nothing really exciting is going on right now.  Last night we had the unofficial work holiday party at a local bar. We had a back room to ourselves, and a free keg of some mediocre American Lite Beer. About eight of us stayed til the bitter end. Lots of people left to go get food, which was odd because the place we were at actually had food.

The others left in two large groups,and I wasn’t sure who was in each group and who went where. Which led to one (in hindsight) hilarious text exchange with a coworker, who thought I was asking if she “left with” a male coworker of ours. She inferred that I was being a drunk a-hole and implying she was engaged in scandalous extracurricular activities, when in fact I was really trying to ascertain where to take the party to.

We ended up taking it… no where. Because we had a freaking free keg in the backroom! Why would you leave a free keg?

We tried to get rid of the keg, but the cups just weren’t big enough. Lucky for us, one person brought a construction hard hat with him. So we filled it with beer and passed it around.

Because that’s not exciting, here’s Bert and Ernie rocking out to Ante Up: