Things That Have Always Bothered Me

July 10, 2009

In the Thriller video there’s credits for MJ and the chick, all the directors, producers, choreographers, makeup artists and Vincent Price… but the zombie dancers never get any props.

Nuke LaLoosh’s delivery in Bull Durham. My God, couldn’t someone have taught him how to throw a baseball? Henry Rowengartner’s mechanics in Rookie of the Year were better.

That Jack Bauer has never used the bathroom or eaten anything ever. Like scatter some empty chinese food cartons or pizza boxes around the HQ set every few hours.

Why Lance Armstrong is a hero. For starters, we all know he cheated like a fiend. Ok, so he battled cancer… then immediately after finding out his remaining testicle still worked, dumped the wife who stayed at his side through that adversity so he could nail Sheryl Crow.

That someone always has to be in the doghouse among fans of the Mets and other teams. If seven guys in the lineup are all-stars, the eighth hitter “Sucks” and “should be released or killed immediately.”

In Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” the lyrics go “I wish you joy and happiness, but over all this, I wish you… Love.” Love? Why not SUCCESS? Which rhymes with Happiness?

Let This Be A Lesson To Student-Workers

March 31, 2009

This kid would be so fired if he worked for me.

A St. John’s athletics communications student intern is a Phillies fan, and decided to wear a Phillies jacket to the SJU-Georgetown game at the Mets new stadium.

The Mets weren’t pleased. A Mets employee told him to remove the jacket. He refused. It was cold and rainy.

One of his superiors at St. John’s reminded him they were guests of the Mets, brought him a St. John’s jacket to wear instead, and he refused to remove the Phillies jacket. He was then escorted out of the stadium (and then went home to whine about it to a Phillies’ blog).

This behavior isn’t acceptable. And it’s not because I’m a Mets fan.

If one of my students came to work one of our football games at the Superdome in a Falcons jacket, we’d make them take it off.

If one of my students came to work one of our basketball games at NO Arena in a Spurs shirt, we’d make them change.

If one of my students came to work one of our baseball games at Zephyr Field in an Alburqueque Isotopes hat, we’d make them take it off.

ANY team that competes with the home team, the gear is not acceptable. It’s either your school, the home venue’s team, or no team logos at all.

The reason is: These people are doing your school a favor by letting you play at a their venue. Therefore, the Mets Staff and St John’s staff are essentially the same for that day. If a Mets employee wore Georgetown gear, he’d be reprimanded as well.  No Superdome, New Orleans Arena or Zephyr Field employee is going to wear LSU gear, or another college teams’ gear to our game at their venue either (probably because we’d make them change and give them a new piece of clothing if necessary).

The fact that the kids’ boss offered him a St. John’s jacket and he refused to remove the Phillies jacket shows not only bad judgment, but extreme stupidity, since he could have nabbed a free Red Storm jacket.

More Ramblings

December 10, 2008

* What’s the protocol on white people singing rap lyrics when an N-bomb comes along? Is it acceptable to sing the word?

K-Rod and Putz probably
won’t blow 29 saves
next year

* Hey now, the Mets almost have a bullpen!

* You know you’re a big time NFL star when you have your own Onion article

* So a Congressman from Texas wants to introduce legislation to eliminate the BCS because he doesn’t think it produces a national champion in a fair way. What?

First, there’s a massive economic crisis and the fairness of being an American is highly suspect right now. Why not work on problems that affect more people than just which school gets a trophy.

Secondly, hasn’t anyone learned that NO ONE in sports cares about a fair method of determining a national champion except the fans. Those in charge only care about money.

No sport system in US pro sports is a fair method of crowning a champion.
MLB: unbalanced schedules designed to maximize attendance determine playoff spots, and more often than not, one of the top four teams in each league is unfairly left out of the playoffs due to geography and schedule. NHL and NBA the same. The NFL also (and there’s 16 teams in each league! Sscrap the divisions, play everyone once and take the top six. That’s a more fair method). NCAA hoops: Sure, everyone has to win six to be national champs. But the teams who get in are a subjective decision based on 10 very biased people.

NCAA college football is no different, only there’s 2 spots instead of 65.

* Yesterday’s 70 degree night where I could sit outside and be warm while smoking a cigar in December… that’s the reason I moved to New Orleans. Today’s 50-degree, gusty day of cold, cold rain… that was why I left the north. What’s that day doing here?

* When I was younger, I used to think that you could do something that would make girls just completely fall for you on the spot: Say the smoothest thing, wear the right cologne, etc. Like girls just had some magic button you have to press (metaphorically, I know there’s a physical magic button.)
When I grew up a bit, I now know that that’s ridiculous. If a girl likes you, she’ll think whatever you’re wearing smells great. Which is a great development for me: I can now sing Endless Love because it’s a great song without worrying I was accidentally driving girls wild.

* It’s extremely odd to me that I can watch UFO shows and see that there’s a preponderance of evidence that something unexplainable is going on… yet I never read about this stuff in the mainstream media.