Delayed Reaction on TV

July 17, 2010

I’ve never been too interested in politics because it seems like a bunch of stupid people making stupid decisions completely devoid of common sense… and that’s when they’re not just trying to get re-elected.

Then I watched The West Wing. Yeah, show aired from 1998-2006, but I just watched it over the last two weeks. And I must say… I never realized what a sport politics was. It’s a lot like the conference realignment talks, or the late night wars, which fascinate me. Too bad the good stuff are things that goes on behind closed doors that I’ll never hear about, otherwise I might care about politics. Or at least know the names of more real life politicians than West Wing fictional politicians. Which is tragically true.

Before West Wing, I watched season one of Fringe (again). It’s a great show, but one thing really ticked me off. Peter just knew something even though Walter didn’t tell him. And Walter tells him to be more open minded about how ideas can be exchanged… “ideas can be exchanged by osmosis” Walter says.

There’s NO freaking way Walter makes that mistake. Everyone who’s stupid uses “Osmosis” as a metaphor for things besides water being transferred. But scientists like Walter (and Peter for that matter) HAVE a word for thate: it’s called Diffusion. Osmosis is just the Diffusion of water.

Normal people use Osmosis for all substances because… well for the same reason Twitter is popular. Osmosis is a fun word and diffusion is not. If Twitter had a non-fun name like, oh, say LinkedIn, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular.

Next up on the docket of shows for me to blow through:  Dexter, The Wire, 30 Rock, Burn Notice, Psyche, and Breaking Bad. Any other suggestions?

Stream of Consciousness VI: A New Beginning

May 20, 2009

More random thoughts

I think I’ve been working in photoshop too much when my response to a friend who has to paint the walls inside his house is “Just use the paint bucket, it’ll take like 12 seconds.”

Ever slack so much in a week at work that one day you have like three things you need to do and it seems like you worked all day? Yeah, me neither.

The idea of labeling these updates like movie sequels was fantastic. Well, until the viewers start thinking “Again? Can’t this guy just stay dead?” Don’t worry, I’m not going to pull “The Final Consciousness” only to comeback a while later with “KevFu Lives.” But I’m definitely not ruling out “KevFu goes to Hell” and “KevFu Takes Manhattan.”

I had no idea how much working baseball games completely sucked away my ability to have interesting things happen to me, but here we are. End of an eight-game home stand, and I realize I’ve written nothing in the past week.

This might be blasphemy, but the finale of Fringe was much better than the finale of 24. I think it’s time to freshen up 24 by putting a Director of Common Sense in the writer’s room. And also to go for broke. No new fans are coming in unless the old fans recruit them. So give us what we want. I think I’d make an entire episode of one interrogation by Jack Bauer, with torture escalating and escalating until the viewer is mildly uncomfortable. Speaking of season finale’s, did the My Boys season just start? What is this, a six-episode season? And no, watching that doesn’t make me gay.

Maybe I should play the lottery. My friend is getting married, she picked Nov. 28 as the date. I figured “no F’ing chance” of me not having games to work. But, lo and behold, we have no women’s hoops and no volleyball. Have football on the road, might have men’s hoops, but that’s only a three-person commitment, so I should be free!

You’d think that having a vast arsonel of free, cheap liquor would be awesome (and short-lived), but there’s just no way to get rid of this stuff.