Kate Returns to the Internet (Kind of)

June 25, 2009

Previously, I mentioned that my friend Kate got fired because of her blog (which was entertaining), but I hadn’t gotten the full story. Until now. Take it away, Kate:

The Athletic Director and I never got along. Basically, she is a crazy micro-manager.

With full-sized cardboard midget cutouts and other shenanigans, Kate's blog was a must-visit.

With full-sized cardboard midget cutouts and other shenanigans, Kate's blog was a must-visit.

I took over the position when the previous girl quit. She did all the stuff I did as well as was the top assistant women’s basketball coach. Our Athletic Director was the head coach, but quit to do more fundraising for the department. When the Assistant Coach asked to be considered for the head coach job, she was told that she wouldn’t be considered and not to apply. So instead of applying, she quit.

Well, when people in the department started talking about why didn’t they give the job to the assistant, the AD told people it was because she didn’t apply.

Then I get hired. I find out all sorts of things about the assistant coach that was there before me – like she was sleeping with one of her players, drank with her players all the time, etc.

I had a blog that I had started when I was an intern at the Atlantic 10 Conference. It was fun,  joking and I always gave people access to it. It was NOTHING that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face, and in fact had said to people’s faces. (Note: N.O. readers, Kate is the female Richie)

Basically, one day I was at work and the next second I was called into our AD’s office and told that I was being fired. A student had shown her the blog (which I’m still confused as to how they got access to it unless they saw it on my computer or something). My AD had the entire thing printed out (what a waste of trees) and had items flagged in it. The one thing she mentioned over and over again was that someone had posted “Leave Lame Forest and come back to Philadelphia” in the comments.  Which is something I hadn’t even said!  I wasn’t given the opportunity to take it down, talk to the student, or anything.

I packed up my stuff, took my blog off-line just because I figured she would start telling people about it and I didn’t want people that were not my friends to read it.

I later found out that the student who I think turned in my blog was someone who was “out to get me” because myself and another person didn’t hire her to work for us for the summer and she was pissed.

I also found out that BEFORE I was fired they had called the Assistant Coach girl who I took over the job from and re-hired her.

In my meeting, they asked me what I had done that day and any loose ends that they would need to finish up. I mentioned about 10 different contracts that I had sent out and a number of different people that I had contacted. The AD couldn’t believe I had done so many things that day. She never liked me, and would constantly call me into her office and tell me that I should CC her on every email I sent out. Which is a total crock of shit – because how do you do that?

So, now I’m living in the city of Chicago and looking for a job. In the meantime, I’m catching up on my reading and all that stuff!

Did you ever talk to an HR person about the whole thing? Or just say screw it, I should probably just move on with my life?

HR was in the room with us… I didn’t have to sign anything though and she was just there to take my keys. The AD is a total pushover so the HR lady didn’t even speak

When you first made the blog, you named it with your full name. Did you consider the fact that people you might not want to see it would easily find it? Did you worry about the work factor when setting it up? I went the anonymous route. While anyone could easily “figure out” who I am, just a quick google search of my name doesn’t bring you here. Although, I did that when I realized “holy shit, my mom could find this on Google!”

I put up a Google block on my blog , so you couldn’t find it through searching my name. I even checked and it worked.

I probably didn’t help you by linking to it on this site. Someone Googling you might have found it via my link. Will you create a new blog under some form of anonymity?

I’m thinking about it

Awesome. So there’s guest-blogger Kate.

Let This Be A Lesson To Student-Workers

March 31, 2009

This kid would be so fired if he worked for me.

A St. John’s athletics communications student intern is a Phillies fan, and decided to wear a Phillies jacket to the SJU-Georgetown game at the Mets new stadium.

The Mets weren’t pleased. A Mets employee told him to remove the jacket. He refused. It was cold and rainy.

One of his superiors at St. John’s reminded him they were guests of the Mets, brought him a St. John’s jacket to wear instead, and he refused to remove the Phillies jacket. He was then escorted out of the stadium (and then went home to whine about it to a Phillies’ blog).

This behavior isn’t acceptable. And it’s not because I’m a Mets fan.

If one of my students came to work one of our football games at the Superdome in a Falcons jacket, we’d make them take it off.

If one of my students came to work one of our basketball games at NO Arena in a Spurs shirt, we’d make them change.

If one of my students came to work one of our baseball games at Zephyr Field in an Alburqueque Isotopes hat, we’d make them take it off.

ANY team that competes with the home team, the gear is not acceptable. It’s either your school, the home venue’s team, or no team logos at all.

The reason is: These people are doing your school a favor by letting you play at a their venue. Therefore, the Mets Staff and St John’s staff are essentially the same for that day. If a Mets employee wore Georgetown gear, he’d be reprimanded as well.  No Superdome, New Orleans Arena or Zephyr Field employee is going to wear LSU gear, or another college teams’ gear to our game at their venue either (probably because we’d make them change and give them a new piece of clothing if necessary).

The fact that the kids’ boss offered him a St. John’s jacket and he refused to remove the Phillies jacket shows not only bad judgment, but extreme stupidity, since he could have nabbed a free Red Storm jacket.

Keep Right, Except To Pass

December 23, 2008

As I’m driving to Texas, it dawns on me just how much I hate Texas.

The people here think that everything about Texas is about 100x more awesome than anywhere else, but the fact remains: It sucks.

Houston and Dallas aren’t too bad. I haven’t been to Austin, but I hear its the best city there. But other than MAJOR CITIES, everything else about Texas completely sucks.

It bothers me that no one can drive. Every pickup truck driving Texan has to drive in the fast lane to prove his manhood, even though he’s doing about 2 mph over the posted speed limit. No one in the South seems to understand the concept of “keep right except to pass.”

I even recalled how proud one Texan was to inform me that Texas was it’s own country at one point. They say it with such pride, like it makes them better than other people. But there’s a reason that they came crawling to the United States and asked to be a state. And that’s because they’re complete freaking morons incapable of governing themselves.

This made me wonder… when the Civil War happened, what if “we” (as in my homeland of “The North”) let Texas and the South just go? How bizarre would it be if the South was another country?

First off: The name. Confederate States of America. Would that stick?

Secondly, what kind of borders would we have? Would it be like Canada, with a good relationship? I mean, it sounds absurd to suggest we wouldn’t just get back together like a college couple going through a spat (the make-up sex could certainly explain West Virginia). While it seems absurd, then it would be just as absurd that Canada never join the U.S.  But we’d have to have trade agreements, imports and exports, borders, etc. It would be weird.

If we only lost the Red States, college hoops would be just fine. Football? not so much
If we only lost the Red States, college hoops would be just fine. Football? not so much

And where would those borders go? Would California be USA or CSA? What if some state isolated from the CSA by surrounding United States wanted to join the CSA? Would they be prevented from doing so by geography? Or could they join like Boston College could join the ACC?

College sports could suck if we ended up with the wrong states for sports. Football could SUCK if all we had was the Big Ten and Notre Dame. College basketball could be great: We’d lose Duke and UNC, but if we kept California, then we could be alright because every else down south really kind of sucks.

Although, how many U.S. kids would go to CSA for college (Actually, I wonder if those down south would ever come up with the idea of college without us carpetbaggers). So, maybe all those stud athletes would go to U.S.A. schools.

But besides college sports, there’d be a lot of crazy stuff that would be different. Like, would they ever give up the slaves?

So I guess I can’t really make a determination if preserving the union was good or bad without more plausible scenarios.