I’m So Proud…

October 1, 2009

We’ve all been at a red light, and seen an instance in which someone isn’t paying attention and the driver behind him gives him the honk (usually accompanied by yelling “GO!”).

You never want to be the guy to receive that honking. It just makes you feel like a jackass.

A couple weeks ago, I pulled up to a red light behind just one car. The driver in front of me was trying to time the light, and kept creeping forward in anticipation.

He was crawling ahead for like four full seconds, and got almost an entire car length into the intersection, but the light was still red. So he had to come to a complete stop.

Just as he came to a complete stop, the light turned green.

It was that moment, that I honked at him.

Oh man was that awesome. I was ridiculously proud of myself.