I am NOT Prepared!

December 6, 2008

When you live in New Orleans, you have to be prepared. You need to think out a plan that’s efficient, safe and makes sense: Something that allows you to have full access to necessary resources from a safe location in the event of an emergency. But you also must communicate that plan to others so they know where you’ll be. And then, if the time comes, you need to implement that plan to the best of your ability.

Our employer makes us fill out these plans, so they know their employees are safe, and the business can continue to function. The two most essential parts of this plan are identifying your ideal safe haven, and evacuating to that location in a safe manner.

As you may have guessed by now, I’m obviously talking about evacuation plans for a Hurricane and/or Zombie Apocalypse.

I touched briefly on this in the last post (beating up zombies). It’s very important that you are prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. You need: Food, water, weapons, and most of all, shelter. You need an escape route.

Obviously the key to your safety in a zombie apocalypse is having a safe haven where you, food, and water are inside, and the zombies are outside the safe haven and cannot penetrate its defenses.

My coworker believes that the best place to ward off a zombie apocalypse is an abandon prison, because it has everything you need, and the same features designed to keep people in will also keep zombies out. He has a very solid point on this. However, I question the practicality of it.

First, how many abandoned prisons are there? Not very many.

Secondly, an abandoned prison may have malfunctioning security features (i.e. big gaping holes in walls/bars, etc.)

Also important: While it may have a kitchen, it was abandoned, so you need to bring the food with you. Also weapons.

And of course, getting to the abandoned prison from wherever you are when the zombie apocalypse occurs will be an issue.

That’s the key factor for me: No one waits at their safe haven for a zombie apocalypse. You’re going to have to audiblize. The fact of the matter is, when it happens, you have to avoid people who have turned/are turning into zombies. Getting across town simply isn’t going to happen. You’ll have to hole up in the nearest acceptable place.

And the assets you need are conflicting: Few entrances and exits, yet pre-stocked with food. Places with food (grocery stores, restaurants, movie theatres, sports venues) are all designed to accommodate many people. Which means (a) the grocery store could be teeming with zombies when you arrive, or (b) the sports venue has too many damned exits to secure.

Not to mention the big problem of obtaining weapons. I think this is why so many people resort to malls, walmarts, sporting goods stores, police stations, etc.

All in all, I have yet to figure out my ideal plan for a zombie apocalypse. I’ll probably stick with my prepared friend and just try to hijack a McDonalds truck on our way to an abandoned prison.  Or simply come to the realization that in a zombie apocalypse, you might actually be better off being a zombie. Unless of course, it’s the rage virus from 28 Days Later (or 28 Weeks Later), then the other zombies would still be trying to kill you.