Currently in the humidor

Just got some more for the ‘dor via Christmas as my Sis in Law continues to hook me up at the Holidays. I think she likes promoting the bonding experience of my brother and I going outside for a smoke.

Victor Sinclair Vintage Select Churchill

Nothing Special, just an every day smoke at a good price.

Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Classic
Oh, so good. Love the Hemingway. I had one the other day when DOB got me one. And now I have another.

Nub 354 Connecticut
This was because the Nub ash holds perfectly until you’re done, and they also got me a cigar ashtray I’ve desperately needed.

Maker’s Mark 6×50
A gift classic. Overpriced, but the end tastes good when you’re smoking.

Fonseca Casa Magna Colorado
No clue about this one, we’ll see.

Cigar Log

I’ve always wanted to keep a log of cigars I’ve smoked so when I’m ordering online I can remember what I thought of them. I think I’ll start now.

Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubana
Not a bad smoke, but I was surprised to discover these things are over $5 a stick, because it seems like a $3-4 smoke at best. Great burn, though.

Gispert Churchill – My “go-to” everyday smoke. Smooth, time consuming, and extremely cost efficient.

Jose Marti Cuba Libre
Not surprised to find out it’s a “Value priced” cigar. Picked this up at a liquor store in Jacksonville Beach for Justin’s wedding because I hadn’t heard of it. Overpriced, kind of harsh. Loved the size though (I got a 5×52), but not worth buying

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut
Pettite Corona. It was good, but it is really tiny and took about 20 minutes to smoke. I like bigger cigars, so I can spend an hour-90 minutes enjoying them.

Victor Sinclair Vintage Select Churchill
Nothing Special. Decent everyday smoke, only get when they’re on sale.

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