24 (March 2, 2009) Spoilers

Tonight was highly entertaining… and it actually made me feel emotion half the time. The problem was that it was anger, but it was still an intense set of episodes.

Sure, unrealistic. I mean, Wesley Snipes’ entrance in Murder at 1600 was more realistic. But I can suspend belief for a couple things necessary to the plot (as I do with food/bathroom breaks/travel time for this show)
My issues:
#1 – Minor plot issues:

What happened to the roundup of conspirators?

How the heck is a guy on a portable notebook tapping into the Secret Service tracking program? If he can do that, Chloe could have hacked in an thwarted them from her desk.

Doesn’t the President’s Daughter have a freaking cell phone? All the aides have them in the White House. Heck, Ryan Bennett is talking to terrorists from the White House on his (and he’s not the first guy to do that), and she can’t just call the White House switchboard and tell them the President is in lockdown?

#2 – Some should have died.
A- Walker… Freaking A. Acting stupidly reckless and irresponsible against a highly trained army of two-dozen warriors? Jumping on to the back of the boat and getting away? WTF was that about? She should have been killed doing that. Well before she found out about the white house, definitely after Dubaku Junior saw her.

B – Buchanan. Runs a suicide mission, running solo into Juma and his army — who’s killing people left and right — and Juma suddenly decides to start getting hostages. Right. I like Bill, but they shoulda silent clocked him right there instead of pistol whipping him.

C – Pierce. When Pierce sat down, it kinda pissed me off. Aaron Pierce would not stand down to terrorists in that situation. He’s the last Secret Service agent in the building. His JOB is to give his life for the President or President’s Daughter. He’d have yelled something before the President’s daughter got nabbed by Juma’s men. Or died trying to give her time to signal for Green. Or died trying to get her away from a few of Juma’s men before he let her be turned over to Juma himself.

#3 – Buchanan wouldn’t just sit there either. Once the President’s Daughter came out, he’d do something. He’d probably realize he needs to signal to the outside and nod to Pierce when the President’s Daughter shows up, and Pierce would fight while he made a dash to the perimeter… Because the two of them would do SOMETHING. And be willing to give their lives for it, Pierce as stated above, and Buchanan because he cheated death already a few minutes prior.

#4 – Bauer wouldn’t open the door. He’d have killed the monitor, grabbed a crying president and covered her eyes and ears in the furthest corner of the room.

But alas, I am entertained. It was a good couple episodes because you’ve got no idea what’s going to happen, and you know the characters enough to yell “what the hell?” when they don’t act in character.


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