Why Do You Rarely Give Your Full Name, Even Though We Could Easily Figure it Out?
Still struggling with this whole web anonymity thing. I generally don’t care about people I know reading this (although it prevents me from saying stuff my boss or mom might read).

The thing is, I spend so much of my Fall harping to young people to not put anything online they will regret. So generally, we’ll just go first name/pseudonyms.

Anyone mentioned will be by first name if in a harmless context. Anything someone might get pissed at me for posting* will be changed to either something fake, or code (i.e. The First Girl)

*-unless you’re Colleen. This was your idea.

You Suck at Layout/Formatting
That’s not a question.

Do You Know You Suck at Layout/Formatting?
That’s better. Yes. But I don’t care, and I ain’t paying for shit. FireJoeMorgan.com‘s layout sucks, but the site is awesome (til they stopped posting)

Isn’t Your Picture at the Top Stolen from Cigars International?
No. My logo has a Mets hat. So it’s completely different and they can’t sue me.

Is Morgan Bowers 25 Pissed About You Posting All of That?
I’ll share all revenues from the site with her. Also, how do you know I didn’t change her name? Any similarities to any people living, dead, or imaginary are purely coincidental.

Death Pool? What Kind of Sick, Twisted Freak Are You?
Relax. People bet on horses, and they are getting hit with a stick.  Celebrities are people, yet we have stupid magazines/websites devoted to catching them picking their wedgies that YOU go to every day, hypocrite. They don’t know we’re gambling on their lives. And save the “respect for the dead” diatribe. Millions of people die everyday, and 99% of the rest of the world don’t care. Most people then pretend to care when they hear someone dies. At least I’m honest.

Can I Join The Death Pool?
Of course, season starts Jan. 1. Email me 10 names and we’ll make arrangements for payment.

Isn’t Blogging Kind of Gay?
Kind of. Yes. Also, the word blog sucks.

Why Are Your Posts So Long? Do You Ever Shutup?
Clearly, no.

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