One Big College Family

The last two weeks, I’ve rolled into the office, poured a cup of coffee, checked my email and then about twice a week borrowed the Golf Cart key from my coworker for 15 minutes.

So today, I borrow the key, there’s no golf carts available. My coworker finally asked: “Where have you been going on the golf cart this mornings?”

The student union coffee shop across campus, I explained. “But you drink from your mug every day. You’re not buying coffee!” he replied.

Well, the business office cut down on spending by budgeting our sugar supply: They asked for our number of cups and sugar/splenda/equal packets per day, and multiplied everyone’s total by number of days and budgeted for that amount.

But they failed to account for the fact that I work 7 days a week and not 5. We ran out of sugar three weeks ago and aren’t restocking.

Ever since, I’ve been taking my coffee on the golf cart over to the Student Union coffee shop and using their sugar. I fill my mug and then stuff a few days worth of packets into my pockets.

Since the union is across campus, I’ve literally spent a full two hours this month just getting sugar.

At my salary, that amounts to about $370 of company time wasted. But they saved the cost of (less than) one $2.17 canister of sugar.

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