How Well Do You Understand Stupid Girl Quizzes?

November 6, 2012

Dear women,

All magazine quizzes about relationships and guys are total crap.

#1 – Guys don’t create those. No man is going to actually spend the time to make a quiz on that topic. Sporce sports trivia? Maybe.
It’s possible they have some input on the quizzes, but I’d imagine female editors would reject their contributions by saying “We can’t tell them that! All the fat girls will kill themselves!”

#2 – clicking StumbleUpon brought me to a page of quizzes with a “How well you understand guys” and “how well do understand girls” quizzes.

I took both.

Now, I understand guys quite a bit. BECAUSE I AM ONE. I’m also very straight and very single. I know nothing about women, even though I’d like to be in a great relationship with an attractive one.

And I scored 74%. On each quiz. Answering honestly.

These results show that these kinds of quizzes are complete crap; you girls are very stupid for allowing me to be single, or both.