Stick Stupidity.

September 26, 2011

I just recently noticed these while driving:

And I’m appalled at the stupidity of those who bought them. Not as angry like the ready-to-kill rage towards society I feel at every promo for “Toddlers and Tiara’s,” but appalled nonetheless.

First off, there has to be some kind of security risk. Like “Oh, this teenage girl is an only child, getting into the driver’s side of the family van. (ABDUCT!)”

But secondly, I have questions. So, if you’re divorced, do you put your stick figure on one side of the car rear window, and your estranged spouse all the way on the other side? Kids in the middle? Or grouped by custody status? Do you need to move the kids from one side to the other every fourth weekend?

What about in Utah? Is there a family with one dad, seven moms and about 57 kids of various ages?

When the family pet dies, do you have to have a ceremonial removal of the car sticker?

Should I get just one? Put it on the back of my car all by myself? Could women do this? Because that would really help me out. I could easily flirt at gas stations while filling up my car.