Rita Hayworth and the Plot Hole Discovery

I was watching The Shawshank Redemption the other day (because, why wouldn’t you?), and I noticed a couple things I never saw before (Yeah, everyone points out that there’s no way Andy fits into the warden’s suit, so that’s not it).

#1 – If Andy Dufresne was so critical to the warden’s embezzling scheme that the warden couldn’t allow him to pursue a re-trial, how could the warden put him in solitary confinement for two whole months? That’s a long time to go in a complicated embezzling scheme without your money launderer.

#2 – Andy was a banker. A really smart guy, who knew the complex procedures of the federal government. He was different from everyone else in Shawshank because he was college educated and a white-collar person in a blue collar prison. Which means he’d know that the warden doesn’t bring new evidence before judges to get a new trial. Lawyers do. Yet he made no attempt to contact any attorney?

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