I was watching one of those shows where people hunt ghosts. And I am extremely torn on ghosts. On one hand, the idea that ghosts haunt this world is really ridiculous:

If spirits of the dead were still floating around the places their bodies used to inhabit, we wouldn’t have grainy photo/video images of A FEW possible sightings maybe pop up from time to time. Out of 100 people, how many do you think have ever seen a ghost? 1? 10? 20?  There’s six billion people on earth now. With a lifespan of 70 years, each. Over the history of human existence (smaller populations, lower life expectancy, there would be roughly 120,000,000,000 dead people. That’s 120 trillion ghosts.

The whole “That house is haunted by a ghost” thing is stupid. If ghosts could possibly exist, that house would be haunted by 20 ghosts, not just one. In fact, every house would be haunted by 20 ghosts. Why would it be rare to see a ghost when they are freaking everywhere?

The idea that only a few hang around because they have “unfinished business” is also bull to me, because EVERYONE who dies would have some kind of unfinished business. Lovers/Kids to watch, enemies to haunt, or just hanging out in women’s locker rooms. Obviously, we have no idea how the afterlife works without experiencing it for ourselves. But sheer logic and mathematics suggest the idea of ghosts haunting things is utter crap.

On the other hand, my aunt, uncle and three cousins who are all totally sane have ample circumstantial evidence that their current home is “haunted” by the ghost of its former owner. Weird stuff happens (doors slamming, things moving, things disappearing, walls painting themselves). When they learned their old owner was a practical joker named Joey, they started addressing Joey by name and asking him to stop dragging chairs across the floor, slamming doors or hiding things.

They’re good Christian people. Relatively intelligent (word play!), and I would have to accept the opinion they have reached from their own experience, based on the standing I hold them in. It’s a subject I have decided not to have a conclusion on, because my own intellect is at odds with itself.

Which makes it even more difficult for me to figure out how I keep turning my faucet off and when I return to the room, it has coming back on to drip/run.


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