I Just Noticed.

June 12, 2011

It’s 3:51 in the morning, and I’m watching Saving Private Ryan on TNT-West.

Did you know that the German soldier that the unit releases — the one who they think shot the medic Wade, and while digging a grave says “Steamboat Willie. Toot!” and “F*** Hitler” — and the German soldier at the end who stabs the unit’s Jewish solidier Mellish with a knife… are two different soldiers?

The soldier that kills Mellish has a Waffen SS lapel insignia; His character is “Waffen SS Soldier” and he’s played by actor Mac Steinmeier.

The soldier released after Wade was shot has a different uniform insignia; is listed in the credits as “Steamboat Willie,” and played by Joerg Stadler.

I’ve probably seen the movie 50 times over the years. I saw it in college at the movie theater in 1998. And then when it came out, I’m sure we rented it. And of course, about four dozen random Saturdays on TNT when nothing else is on.

The entire time, I thought it was the same guy.  Did anyone actually know that without reading IMDB’s Trivia page for the movie?