How I Met A Vocal Surgeon

March 23, 2011

How I Met Your Mother has been on for six seasons, starting in 2005. They occasionally do a flash back to when the characters were in college.  Since we know Ted and company started the series at age 27 — I know that because when I first watch the show, I realized “That’s my age” —  that would mean when they are freshmen in college, they are flashing back to 1996. A season one flash back would be going back nine years, and a season six flashback going 14 years into the past.

In each of those flashbacks, the characters look and talk almost exactly the same as their present-life counterparts. Usually a different hair style and definitely different clothes. But their voices are identical.

So why is that 14 years ago, Ted had the same voice, but 19 years into the future Ted sounds nothing like Ted, but exactly like Bob Saget?

Certain things can change your voice, like whiskey or smoking. But we know smoking can’t change his voice that drastically, because Ted’s now closer to quitting smoking than before. And his voice is still the same as it was in series one.  Daniel Stern doing Kevin Arnold’s narration in The Wonder Years made perfect sense because Kevin Arnold hadn’t hit puberty yet.

I keep waiting for the episode where Ted he has something land on his throat and requires surgery.