Lack of Updates Explained

Why haven’t there been many updates you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why.

In the last three weeks, I’ve been to Irvine (2 days), Fullerton (2 days), Stockton (3 days), Myrtle Beach/Conway, S.C, (6 days), Stockton (3 days), Northridge (2 days), Stockton (1 day), Santa Barbara (2 day), Anaheim (2 days), Reno (3 days), and now I’m back. So that’s 19 of 26 days spent on the road (Plus a couple days at the end where I cleaned out my DVR instead of writing).

I kept putting the key from the wrong hotel into my current room (when I could remember the room number at all). I saw the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, the sun set over the Pacific ocean, I saw the Hollywood sign on a gorgeous 70 degree day, and I saw the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains a day later. It was a bright sunny day in the foreground with the snowy mountains in the background, and I saw it snow in southern California. I rode in a bus with no AC when it was 80 and a bus with no heat when it was 50 (and it was the same bus). I wore the same suit roughly five times, took part in three Breast Cancer Awareness days (in the same pink shirt). I climbed onto a bus roughly 140 times and saw someone ride in the overhead compartment. I had a 80 dollar seven-course meal… a few hours after I had a ballpark pretzel and hot dog. I was in the worst gym I’ve ever seen, and I sat in a suite as the Staples Center.

I saw my teams lose to someone who was 2-10, and beat a team in their home gym after losing 24 straight at there place (which was predicted quite accurately by myself and a travel party member. She said we’d win by four on free throws, I said we’d win 46-44, a ridiculously low score, on a basket by a specific player. We won 49-45 on free throws by the player I named. We were both right).

It made me realize that despite the long hours and being overworked, while not making much money, the perks in my job are pretty ridiculous and have let me have some pretty awesome experiences. Along with all those things, my job(s) have also put me in a place to see George Mason’s Cinderella Final Four run begin with wins over Michigan State and North Carolina; LeBron James play in person; A 27-0 and No. 1 Saint Joseph’s team lose for the first game that season (by a lot), a number of conference championships both regular season and tournament, go to a number NBA/NHL arenas and about a third of college basketball arenas, have an all-inclusive trip to Cancun. I’ve met coaching legends, seen future NBA All-Stars, talked basketball with Rick Pitino, bracketology with Joe Lunardi, baseball with a World Series MVP. I’ve met amazing people who aren’t famous but mean a hell of a lot more to me. I’ve seen grown my cry both tears of joy and loss, and when one girl scored a career-high including a game-winning shot while wearing a pink uniform and honoring the mother she lost to breast cancer, tears that I still haven’t figured out what they meant other than you just couldn’t help get caught up in the pure emotion.

Jim Valvano said “You laugh, you think, you cry… that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day.”  So when I don’t update this site, I’m probably having a heck of a day.

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