March 17, 2011

I’m watching college basketball and baseball. Might bring you something worthwhile in a week or so. But probably not. Why start now?

Due to my journalism degree and job writing press releases, when I am instant messaging with people, or texting, I don’t change how I type (maybe “tho” or “nite”) to make things quicker. I simply can’t. Without thinking, I’ll automatically go back and fix any typos that I notice while IM or texting. Even if I’ve had a few drinks. I was once texting someone who was drunk, after I had a few drinks. I couldn’t understand what they meant to type. So I put on some gloves and typed what they wrote without correcting it. It was like a crowning achievement in code-breaking.

I read the book “Legacy of Ashes” The History of the CIA. And after reading that, I am fully convinced that the US intelligence doesn’t have the skills to coordinate any type of conspiracy, ever.


If a CIA hit squad was behind JFK’s assassination, it would have been discovered within minutes. Because at least one other CIA hit squad would have been there, trying to do the same job at the same time unaware that a different field office had the exact same idea/plan. And two squads would be there protecting JFK after hearing from one of their spy contacts that it was happening.