No, Don’t Even Pretend It’s My Fault.

I just got caught looking at a woman’s breasts in the grocery store. Under normal circumstance, she’d be right to give me a dirty look and judge me.

But not this time.

This was entrapment. I wasn’t looking for the normal reasons, I was looking because I saw what was going on and thought “Holy crap, WHO wears that?” at the sight of a butch feminist in a white wife-beater, without a C-cup bra where it should be.

This women clearly wore the outfit just so she could catch people looking and then scowl at them for objectifying women.  I’m not objectifying anyone when I’m minding my own business and you throw those in front of all our faces. You knew damned well you’d be in the refrigerated section of the grocery store when you left the house in just that.

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