Why is it so hard to find Grape Gatorade? Everywhere you go, its lemon lime, fruit punch, orange, whatever the crap the blue one is flavored, and all the G2 gatorade flavored water crap that you can see through.

All I want is just grape. Not “X-Treme Mountain Blast” that looks like grape and is kinda grape, but isn’t grape.

I don’t want the cross-bred flavors where they force lemon lime to make sweet cooler love to a strawberry gatorade and bottle the offspring. Grape and Berry isn’t grape. It’s perverted grape.

Gimme my full-blown grape.


One Response to Hater-ade

  1. Kate Souder says:

    oh my God. I love grape gatorade. I read this and thought, “Damn right…where is the grape?” Glad I’m not the only one!

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