Blast You, Regis!

Regis is retiring. I’m disappointed by this news. Not because I’m a Regis fan or anything (he’s actually annoying in a way that only people who went to Notre Dame can be), but because the news makes me change one of my notes.

You see, I occasionally jot down notes from time to time of things to share with you. Yes, you. Things that don’t always warrant an entire long item of discussion. Things like:

“Living alone, I love the freedom of showering with the bathroom door open. Yet, I can’t bring myself to apply the same open-door policy while pooping.”

Or “The song that randomly popped into my head the other day was the one from An American Tale. Which made me wonder if somewhere out there, someone else had it pop into their head at the same time.”

And one of my notes was “I think Kristen Bell is an absolute delight. She’s adorable. I think she is probably the next Kelly Ripa. She and Craig Ferguson should replace Regis and Kelly when Regis dies.”

So now that Regis is retiring, that note either requires some heavy editing, or an entirely different entry all together. Because it would be mean to make the “when Regis dies” comment when he’s retiring – after having some health issues. And with Regis retiring before Kelly Ripa steps down/gets the axe, my note is no longer timely.

My only recourse is to completely re-write the note, or find a clever way of writing around it, while leaving it untouched.  (You see what I did there?)


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