Score Thus Far: KevFu 1, Dad 1.

My dad is a fan of the show Bones. I had only seen previews for each next episode because I watch Fringe every week (while my father never sticks around for). It sounded kind of boring: Anthropology can only be so exciting before you have your nerdy explorer do silly things like ride out a nuclear blast in a refrigerator.

Over the summer, I watched an episode of Bones with my dad. And it was good. Although, there was a moment when I realize Bones was played by “Zooey Deschanel’s older sister.” When I said that aloud, my dad gave me a look like I had said John Lennon was some guy in Ringo’s band.

So this fall, I [legally acquired] the first season of Bones, watched it and then [legally acquired] subsequent seasons. And it’s a very good show (although, they often completely ignore some basic tenets of the central plot, unless it suits them such as jurisdiction; or completely ignore methods to find answers that they previously used in other investigations/episodes, but you cut them some slack because, hey, Fringe has the same “we did this crazy thing to solve something one week, why wouldn’t they just do that again since it was effective?” problem, not to mention, Fringe has parallel dimensions and an alternate universe. It’s just a TV show. But a good one). So dad was right about that.

But that got me thinking: What possible work had Emily Deschanel given the craft of acting that would make my failure to recognize her work a faux pas? And especially when compared to the work of her sister?

After whittling out guest spots, voice work on cartoons, and pre-breakout roles in stuff I’d never heard of, I came to the conclusion that Emily became famous for: being on the hit TV show Bones, which debuted in 2002, and is easily her only real memorable role to date. While Zoey had only one memorable role in something that anyone actually saw: A film in 2000 called Almost Famous. While Emily is the lead on Bones and Zoey was a supporting role on Almost Famous… everyone has seen Almost Famous. Which means Zoey has by far the most prolific item on her resume.

So there was nothing wrong with my comment. Neither are Lennon or McCartney to the other’s Ringo. For now, they’re more like Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. I’ll let you argue which one is which.

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