This Should Be a Diversity Commercial

I’m in a cramped Toys R Us Express in a mall (I didn’t know a Toys R Us Express existed). And I have my target product displayed on my blackberry screen, wandering around trying to find it.

Two thug looking dudes are coming down the aisle, and one says to me “Hey man, you seen any Spiderman around?”
I said “No, but I haven’t been looking. You seen this?” And show them my screen.”
They say “Nah, sorry. But we ain’t been lookin, either.”
I replied “Well, Let’s shout ’em out if we see ’em.”
The response was one nod, and one “Word.”

So I go to another aisle, and there’s some Spiderman stuff. We didn’t exchange names, so I just say in the loud voice “Yo, Spiderman!”
They come over and say “Thanks, brotha. I think your Fisher Price shit’s up front by the window.”
An Asian woman says “Fisher Price? Like My First Whatever for really young kids? Yeah, that’s up here.” And starts walking me towards it.

A diverse group of people helping each other out on Christmas… it’s like a bad TV Christmas special. If only there was a Michael Jackson Experience video game set up and we all could have done “Black Or White” together.


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