Little Help, Please?

December 16, 2010

Wow, December has flown by. It’s been like two weeks since I posted something. I need to hire someone to remind me to post.

I would like a personal assistant. When I win the lottery or become rich and famous, I’m going to hire a young lady just to follow me around and remind me why I am in my current location in the first place.

So when I walk into a room and think/say “Wait, why did I come over here?”

She will be there to say “You needed to rinse out your coffee mug. But you didn’t bring the coffee mug.”

Then I’ll fire her and replace her with someone smart enough to say “remember your coffee mug” before I leave my office.

Of course, this would never really happen. Because she’d probably quit well before that because my laziness would lead to me abusing the personal assistant. And if not, I’d just send the personal assistant to rinse my coffee mug.

Come to think of it, it wouldn’t last until day three before my personal assistant was told “do my job for me, I’m going to sleep in.”