A Win For Laziness

While my boss is out of town, he’s having myself and my coworker feed his dogs (I know. I don’t know why he couldn’t find someone who actually has/like pets to do it). Splitting time on puppy patrol, my coworker and I are trading his keys back and forth by leaving them on each other’s desks.

That’s been a little frustrating to have to drive six extra blocks to the office, which adds 24 blocks round trip. And as I’ve outlined before, the parking lot is like 100 yards from the door to our building. Along the 100 yards, is a little plaza with trees, some benches and a bronze Tiger (our school’s mascot).

So, on my way back to drop off the keys the other night, I thought “screw it,” and just drove across the plaza right up to the front door.

Which scared the bejeezus out of four kids who were huddled around the Tiger, probably about to vandalize it because they ran like hell.


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