An Enjoyable World Series.

Now that the Phillies and Yankees have been eliminated from the playoffs, I am a better person. It’s amazing to even me the pure evil that spews from my mouth while watching those two teams in the playoffs. I find myself loathing the people they show in the stands for no other reason than they are rooting for a team I hate and they look like douche bags I want bad things to happen to. During last year’s Phillies-Yankees game at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, I actually yelled at the TV that I was rooting for a blimp filled with AIDS to hit the stadium.

But now that it’s Texas vs San Francisco, my animosity levels drop drastically. Sure, I’m not a fan of Texas, and I still hold a grudge with the Giants for leaving New York 20 years before I was born. But it’s not the vile contempt I have for the Phillies and Yankees.


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