Stream of Consciousness (XVII)

I love October. Post-Season baseball, college basketball around the corner, the Islanders aren’t mathematically eliminated yet, and Friday the 13th movies on TV.

My new couch arrived and while it’s great, it needs to be broken in. The cushions are a lot more firm than the ones on the floor model. One method I’ve adopted to soften them up is jumping on them. Which is a lot of fun. It’s like being a child again. Only as a child, when I’d jump on the furniture for 20 minutes every few hours, I never thought “My downstairs neighbors probably think I’m having a lot of bad sex.”

Two awesome stories you need to read if you haven’t heard already:

Laptop thief mails victim a backup of his data.  

The Islanders Matt Moulson was chilling in his hotel room when he got a twitter message:

And he went and signed autographs.


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