Happy Birthday to all the Fetuses and Elderly.

I don’t understand the people who go on facebook and wish happy birthdays (etc) to people who are clearly not on facebook.  I saw someone wish a Happy Birthday to their 90 year old grandma-ma. Super that grandma-ma made it to 90, but she isn’t going to read that.

Or they wish a happy birthday to their toddlers. I know kids are doing things at a younger and younger age, but three is just too young to have a facebook account. (Although, it could be funny to tag an uploaded ultra sound picture). But setting up a facebook account for your young child is just creepy. Like, Amber Alert creepy. If you want to tell your child happy birthday, how about going into the room where he’s watching Sesame Street and saying it to him? (speaking of Sesame Street, if he’s watching this, that’s awesome.

And of course, no stupid shout-out trifecta would be complete with the people who wish a happy birthday via facebook… to their pets. Your pets have no concept of birthdays, they just enjoy that you’re being extra nice to them. Like your small children, they don’t have facebook accounts. They don’t know how to log on to facebook. They also can’t read your greeting. Also, animals don’t use computers.

Basically, if you’re posting well wishes to people who can’t possibly see them, you’re pretty much a Farmville post away from being unfriended by me.


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