KevFu vs the Elusive Comfy Couch

Upon my move to California, I decided to buy new stuff instead of shipping my old stuff left, since it would be the same price and, hey, new stuff.

After picking out a cool coffee table on, the checkout procedure revealed that my credit card was inactive. Apparently, due to a security breach, my account was closed, and I was sent a new card.  Despite the fact that I had been paying monthly on the balance of the closed account via online banking, I wasn’t notified online. But via mail. To my old place. In New Orleans.

With the coffee table on hold (sold out before I got my new card), and no card yet, I re-prioritized my shopping list.

Which brings us to the couch. I began the arduous task of finding a comfy couch, long enough to sleep on, sitting on hundreds of dismal couches all over the Central Valley. Most suck. A good couch you sit in not on.

It wasn’t until a day trip to Old Sacramento with the Hil Bomb (not that she’s explosive, her old IM name contained those elements), that I found my couch when she took me into a Macy’s.

And BAM! Comfy couch. On sale. But still kinda pricy, so I went to see if it was available online from someone else for less (hahahah!. No.). And of course, the sale expired, so now my couch was like $1250.

Bam! Fluffy Comfyness! (Two pillows included).

Then, in celebration of Christopher Columbus kicking off the mistreatment of Native Americans, another sale! I immediately called the Macy’s in Stockton to ask if I could pay with a check. Sure. Out of state check? Yeah. Out of state check with an address that doesn’t match my out of state driver’s license? Hell no.


No biggie. Hit up the bank, drive over, pay in person with cash, order my couch. Quick 10 minute trip, right? Wrong. You can’t buy items at the store which Macy’s doesn’t stock in that particular store. The Macy’s in Stockton does not have furniture. So I would have had to buy the couch, in Macy’s, from Which means credit card.  And I still haven’t gotten the new card.

Long story short, on Monday, I went to the bank, took out a very large sum of money to walk around with in cash (I asked the teller: “When you finishing counting it and hand it to me, could you congratulate me on my impressive wager?”)

I drove an hour to Old Sacramento to pay for a couch, set up a delivery date, had an awesome tri-tip sandwich (you can tell the place is the owner’s lifelong dream when the guy who makes it for you grins like a fool while watching you sit and eat it) and drove back to Stockton.

And since I got such a great deal on my comfy couch ($350 off), I decided to stop to look for some of the other items I still need: coffee table, bookcase, dresser, microwave, bathmat, etc… and naturally left the strip mall without any of those things, buying only a PS3 game instead.

I can’t wait for the couch to arrive, because after the cost of parking, gas and dinner, it feels like I just spent close to $1,000 for NHL11. And why PS3 changed the controls on NHL is beyond me. I’d only been using the same freaking buttons for 18 years now.

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