With my new job in a new city, I’m meeting a lot of new people. And some of them are good looking people. As I was talking to a cute girl, I became self-conscious about where my eyes were looking while talking to her. Then I started over-thinking where I was looking while talking to her.

Panicked, I tried to relax and act normal. But then I realized that I have no idea what I am like when I’m acting normal. Because I don’t pay attention to my normal eye movements when I’m acting normal.

In my next conversation, with someone I’d already met, I tried to observe myself acting normal. Only to realize that once I started observing myself, I was no longer acting normal. I think I need someone I know to video tape me talking to someone while acting normal and see where I look and for how long while I’m talking to someone normally so I can fake it when I’m self-conscious.

I figure that’s something I need to do quickly, so the rest of the people at my workplace don’t think of me as the new guy with the shifty eyes.


One Response to Contact

  1. James OBrien says:

    Dude, my eyes are up here.

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