The Four Dollars

Earlier this month, I woke up and got ready for work and discovered a note taped to my door. Which was odd, because, why tape it to the door when I was inside the entire time and you could just knock and hand it to me.

It was one of those “Hey, you’re rent’s due” notes. Which was interesting considering I cut them a check a couple days earlier. I remember because, oh, it was the first and thus far only time I’d paid them.

It was also my last check. I have to order new ones with my new address on them, since those ones are about five addresses old.

I was mulling over all these things when I noticed the amount I owed them: $4.00.

The entire time I spoke with people about this place, they quoted me a monthly rent of $595. And the first time I’m hearing $599 is now. So I pillage through my stuff, and find my lease… son of a– $599. Those inflatin’ bastards.

So I wander over to the rental office, and give them my best “WTF is this weak sauce” over $4 stinking dollars. I pull a fist-full of cash out of my pocket and ask if I can just give them their $4 now, but they don’t accept cash for rent. And while a measly $4, it’s still $4 of rent.  It did give me the opportunity to say “You think I have to sell drugs to get four bucks?”

I explain the check situation and how I’d gladly pay it now if I could, but I didn’t since I was quoted the wrong price (BY THEM) and now I don’t have checks. I don’t want to get a $50 late fee for a $4 balance.

Luckily, common sense prevailed and they told me they’d take the $4 off and add it to my rent for next month.  And it was all good. Until yesterday when another note appeared on my door. Fudge.

When I go into the office, I get the same common sense as before from a different girl behind the desk. But when says “If it does give you a late fee, we’d just take it off,” I remember that she said she can’t take the $4 off now and add it later. And luckily I got a stash of old checks, because when she said that and could pay them their blood money to get them off my back with no late fees.

And now both parties have invested way too much time in four freaking dollars.


One Response to The Four Dollars

  1. Tito says:

    I realize this is me making two comments in two weeks, but are you channeling (double) your John Cusack or something?

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