California Politics

Now that I’m in California, I can’t help but notice this whole gay marriage debate. I was struck by this comment:

The National Organization for Marriage, a leading opponent of same-sex marriage, warns that if same-sex marriage comes to pass, “The law will teach your children and grandchildren that there is nothing special about mothers and fathers raising children together, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a bigot.”

No, dumbasses, the laws don’t teach your children. YOU teach your children. If you don’t, they may need to find their knowledge and moral code from other sources, but ultimately, the responsibility lies with you.

Which is why we don’t have constitutional amendments to share, abolishing the hitting of people, and keeping your hands to your own side in the backseat of a car.

Because it’s not the government’s job to be your mommy and daddy. It’s the government’s job to protect the equality of all citizens from people who want to force others to adhere to their value structure.

I’m not making some grand statement that’s controversial to people’s faiths here. This is solely a political issue. It’s an issue of our government providing its citizens with equality. You have to separate the role of government from the tenants of a specific faith (And Christianity happens to be my faith).

Our government can’t simply decide what to let or not let citizens do based on what a holy book calls a sin.

I’m a Christian. And I’m a sinner. And the same Bible which says homosexuality is a sin also says pride, hate, adultery, putting something ahead of God, working on the Sabbath, and lots of other things are a sin. And I sure don’t want my government telling me what I can and can’t do… based on my sin.

“Sorry but you watched football instead of going to Church. You and your fiancée are S.O.L.”

“You don’t get to vote or own property anymore, because you ate bacon.”

I’m pretty sure the Bible is clear on who gets to judge the sins of men and women. And it’s not us, and it’s not the government.

How is allowing your government to decide it can deny equal rights because of religious sin, any different than living under Taliban rule? Because it’s a different religion whose rules they are enforcing?

Our country is formed on freedom of religion. We’re called as Christians to spread the Good News, not legislate the Good News upon people. To paraphrase Jamie Raskin: our politicians put their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the constitution, not the other way around.


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