Nectar of the Gods

On this site, I once spoke of my morning coffee as if it were my lover. Creepy, yes. But also apt. You see, when I moved to New Orleans, I found out that New Orleans discovered the best coffee in the history of the world.

Brief history lesson: During the Civil War, coffee supplies were low. So they stretched their rations by adding ground up chicory root to the coffee. Instead of running out of coffee, they made a coffee/chicory blend that was much preferable to coffee-flavored water if they didn’t subsidize their coffee supply. Once coffee supplies normalized, they had acquired the taste for chicory, which also happened to be habit forming. So they simply adjusted the ratios, adding more coffee but not eliminating the chicory.

The result is pure deliciousness. And something that is quite difficult to live without. It’s like crack in a cup. It’s basically Powerthirst, or a new coffee-flavored Powerthirst2.

I just moved to California, and I brought three bags of New Orleans coffee with me. And I’ve bookmarked the site where you can order online and have them ship it to you.

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