The Ties That Bind

I was on a job interview a couple weeks ago. And as I was introduced to about 12 different people, 11 of them comment on my tie. One even asked if I wore the tie on purpose.

The tie, you see, was an orange tie. And I was interviewing for a job at a place whose logo and colors are well documented as black and orange. So what else would I wear with a black or gray suit but an orange tie?  Did I plan it? Of course I planned it. I actually went out and bought the orange tie specifically for that purpose once they invited me to interview.

I wore their colors because it shows I have awareness for who they are. It makes a visual connection with the interviewer. They see me in the orange tie and subconsciously, they think that I’m one of them.  “He’s part of the team already.”

So, of course I wore the tie on purpose. And now I work here.


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