Delayed Reaction on TV

I’ve never been too interested in politics because it seems like a bunch of stupid people making stupid decisions completely devoid of common sense… and that’s when they’re not just trying to get re-elected.

Then I watched The West Wing. Yeah, show aired from 1998-2006, but I just watched it over the last two weeks. And I must say… I never realized what a sport politics was. It’s a lot like the conference realignment talks, or the late night wars, which fascinate me. Too bad the good stuff are things that goes on behind closed doors that I’ll never hear about, otherwise I might care about politics. Or at least know the names of more real life politicians than West Wing fictional politicians. Which is tragically true.

Before West Wing, I watched season one of Fringe (again). It’s a great show, but one thing really ticked me off. Peter just knew something even though Walter didn’t tell him. And Walter tells him to be more open minded about how ideas can be exchanged… “ideas can be exchanged by osmosis” Walter says.

There’s NO freaking way Walter makes that mistake. Everyone who’s stupid uses “Osmosis” as a metaphor for things besides water being transferred. But scientists like Walter (and Peter for that matter) HAVE a word for thate: it’s called Diffusion. Osmosis is just the Diffusion of water.

Normal people use Osmosis for all substances because… well for the same reason Twitter is popular. Osmosis is a fun word and diffusion is not. If Twitter had a non-fun name like, oh, say LinkedIn, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular.

Next up on the docket of shows for me to blow through:  Dexter, The Wire, 30 Rock, Burn Notice, Psyche, and Breaking Bad. Any other suggestions?

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