Not Embarassed

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Working on the New York trip recap stories, and a few others.

A few days ago, the topic came up of “what songs we are embarrassed to admit we like.” Everyone was sharing some of the cheesy songs they like.

I didn’t say anything, until finally I was called out.

I said “I don’t have any songs I’m embarrassed to admit I like.”

The response was “Come on, all the stuff you say you have on your (mp3) player? There’s got to be some cheesy songs on there.”

I said “Oh, probably two thirds of it is cheesy songs. I’m not embarrassed to admit I like every single one of them. You name a cheesy song, I’ve probably got it. I probably love it, and would probably belt it out if you played it right now.”

You want a list? Fine. Christina Aguilera? Yeah. Jewel? Of course. Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles, I’ve got that too. Belinda Carlisle? Yeah, plus half the Go-Gos stuff — and I still find both Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wielein attractive right now at age 50. Shania Twain? sure. Avril Lavigne – Complicated is a great song.

Here’s an obscure one: Jennifer Knapp – Crush. How about Mazzy Star – Fade Into You? Fiona Apple – Criminal. You want more? Sophie B. Hawkins – Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover. Edie Brickell – What I Am.

Natalie Merchant’s voice is so seductive, I’d listen to her read her grocery list.

Endless Love? You know it. Islands In the Stream? Hell Yes. That’s a great song. Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl, by Looking Glass.

On the drive over, I listened to Lisa Loeb’s Stay about seven times in a row. That’s an awesome song.

I feel no shame in enjoying cheesy songs. They are awesomely cheese songs and while reading this, you’ve probably said “oh, that’s a good song! Haven’t heard that one in a while” and are about to download one or more of those now.


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