Sorry for the lack of updates. Busy week. Anyway, this happened last Saturday:

I was invited to a Texas Memorial Day party with my parents friends from church. I declined. My mother just wandered into my room to tell me I should go.

“You need to do something because sitting in your room all day isn’t a good thing. It could lead to depression.”

Depression? Do you know what the word depression means? Let’s see. I sleep til noon every day, have coffee in my pajamas while surfing the internet, play video games and never miss a soccer game I want to see (with a beer). Then dinner just magically appears and then I watch a Mets game – or if I can’t watch the Mets game, which is eight out of every 16 days, it’s because someone is paying me money to watch a DIFFERENT team play baseball. And then I finally have time to download all the TV shows I meant to check out. Not to mention I missed like, zero minutes of NCAA Championship Week and March Madness, or the Winter Olympics.

Do you call that depressed? I thought the word for that was “FREAKING SWEET.”

This isn’t depressing, it’s actually pretty close to ideal. The only thing separating this from ideal is that I’m here with these two in a house in Texas instead of in a better city with a smoking hot redhead with the NHL package.

“It’s not healthy to sit around all day.”

Coming from the same person who told me yesterday that I look thinner? I cut all that New Orleans fried food from my diet and I’ve lost seven pounds.

“But, Monday will be a chance for you to experience something different. It’s Texas. You’ll see nice Texan people. It’s interesting. To get there you have to drive past Coon Neck Church, on Coon Neck Road.”

THAT IS THE DEPRESSING PART! And also the type of situations I’m working hard to avoid by staying in my room. And doing a phenomenal job of it, might add, all while hitting .405 in MLB The Show on my PlayStation.


3 Responses to Depression?

  1. travis says:

    i r jealous

  2. Jenn says:

    What about “Semi-decent looking light-brown-haired girl with the MLB package?”

    I’m just saying :p

  3. Justin says:

    Please see previous post about being unemployed and maintaining an “effort”….reference this and get off your ass (after the world cup).

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