Stream of Consciousness XV

For a while I thought about moving to Vegas to become a full-time sports gambler. Then I realized, that’s stupid. I probably couldn’t win enough to afford a decent lifestyle in Las Vegas. Reno on the other hand….

Glad to see 24 is finally taking my suggestion of “Jack goes on revenge-induced kill spree.” Only took five years.

If you were an astronaut, and there was an astronaut of the opposite sex with you on your mission to space, you’d kind of have to try sex in space, wouldn’t you? I mean, forget the relative attractiveness of the other person, it’s really a matter of “I’m intrigued. This must be done.”

Every time I see Flo from the Progressive commercials, I can’t help but notice that all of the items on her face (eyes, nose, mouth) are too big for the size of her skull. I don’t find her attractive at all. But if we were astronauts…

What is the big deal about the KFC Double Down? People are acting like this is ridiculously unhealthy and hearts will explode if they eat it. It’s a chicken club sandwich… like Wendy’s and McDonalds serves like nine varieties of. Only with an extra fillet and no bun. “But eating two pieces of chicken will kill you!” Right. Because people get halfway through a two-piece meal, and say “Wow, that’s enough fried chicken.”  It’s basically a two-piece meal with cheese, tangy sauce and bacon as your (delicious sides), only you eat it all at once. It’s fantastic and beautiful in its simplicity.

I’m pretty sure ‘Sodoku’ is a Japanese word for: puzzle you only do to kill time on an airplane or the toilet.

Reasons why I dislike Texas #12249: I heard a person referencing being at a hog convention. And the details made me realize they were not talking about Harley-Davidson motorcycles, but actual pigs.


One Response to Stream of Consciousness XV

  1. Audra says:

    I’m quite certain that, if presented with the opportunity, Travis would leave me for Flo the Progressive girl.

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