KevFu Meets Rojo Johnson (aka Will Ferrell)

A couple weeks ago, I met Will Ferrell.  He came out to the ballpark and did a promotional stunt for us:  YouTube

Then he was going to sing during the seventh inning stretch, and I was sent to coordinating between his booth upstairs, and the PA/music guy down downstairs.

I tested the microphone and told him: “The PA announcer will introduce you, then your can just hop on the mic and lead Take Me out the Ball Game.”

He said: “Ok, great. Do we have the words?”

Someone said “do you need the words?”

He said he’d like them. Someone said they could print them off.

I said: “There’s two outs already. I can have them scroll on the video board for you.” (and after talking into the walkie-talkie made it happen).

He replied: “Ok great. Will there be music”

I said: “Do you want it? We can do it with or without.”

He said: “Whatever you normally do.”

Then I said: “How can you not know the words? You’ve done Wrigley, right?” (knowing he did).

He said: “I practiced for that! Those guys are tough man. I didn’t want to be like, who was that who got booed really bad? Belushi? I think it was Belushi.”

I said: “Hey, as long as you’re better than Ozzy Osborne.”

And then the final out was made. That was pretty much it. Everyone had their camera phones rolling video, but me. I left mine downstairs, but that really didn’t bother me. I was the only other guy in the booth besides Will Ferrell not looking like some douche with a camera. Which made me feel cooler than if I had some fanboy photos of Will Ferrell.

It wasn’t all that exciting to meet Will Ferrell (which is why I took so long to bring it up here). I don’t get massively excited to meet a celebrity like that, because it’s not like the experience is going to enrich my life. I mean, it’s not like touching him is going to cure my horrible eyesight and I won’t need glasses, or solve all my financial problems.

Sure, he’s loaded, but why would he give me money?  Well, unless we became friends and he had me write for him or something. But that’s only going to happen if I’m cool and have a conversation with him, and not if I run up to him and say “OH MY GOD, YOUR WILL FERRELL!! CAN I TOUCH YOU? I LOVED YOU IN ANCHORMAN! LET ME REPEAT ALL THE DIALOGUE FROM THAT MOVIE TO YOU!”


One Response to KevFu Meets Rojo Johnson (aka Will Ferrell)

  1. Jenn says:

    I saw that clip of him pitching a while back, and nearly peed my pants. Why is he so funny?

    Yes, I’m having my “Catch up on Kev-Fu for the last two months” Day

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