I Need To Wake Up Earlier

My sleep pattern is all whack. I’m up til like 4 am and sleep til 1 pm or later.

And every day I wake up and I say “I gotta stop sleeping in so late. I need to get up early, be tired earlier, go to bed earlier and get up at a normal time.”

Because I think that I’m being abnormal and just wasting my days in bed.

Then something happens like Tuesday. I was woken up by a potential employer calling about my resume. And after we talked for a little while, I did my usual wake up routine.

And then after a few hours, it was 1 p.m.  And I was freaking BORED.

There’s nothing on TV. I’d done my usual tour of my internet bookmarks. And the Mets game was still five hours away.

If I sleep in later, then there’s about two hours to kill before the Mets game starts, and I can spend most of that reading Mets fans online complain about the lineup that was just posted for tonight’s game.

Normal sleep cycles are overrated.


2 Responses to I Need To Wake Up Earlier

  1. Audra says:

    Wish you could have seen the Green Wave squash LSU last night! It was amazing!

  2. Leisha says:

    Yeah, until you get a job and have to be there at 9am. Just call the sleep doctor when you decide to jump on the normal sleep bandwagon. ;-)

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