Rapping to Grades

So while I was walking towards an Irish pub Wednesday to watch Manchester City play Spurs for a spot in Champions League (Result: Sad Face), I overheard two girls talking about their study methods for finals (since I guess that’s coming up soon?).

One girl wanted a complete cone of silence when she studied. The other said “you’re supposed to study to classical music.” And they were arguing over it during the 12 seconds between the time I decided they were unattractive and the time I got to the bar.

But I have to call shenanigans on both of them. You know how I studied in college? I would listen to instrumental rap songs.

This was perfect, because as you read the material, you’d put it into the flow of the song. Then you’d remember these “new words” when you sat down for the test.

This method works so well, that I can turn on Busta Rhymes “Woo-Ha! (I Got You All in Check)” right now, and pass my Astronomy 101 class:

Music:  (Instrumental) or (With NSFW Words)

Yo which mother****a stole my flow?
Eenie….meenie miney mo—
Aging star collapses: Supernova
gravitational collapse: neutron star or black hole
White dwarf, lack mass, not very big glow
Cooled off it’s a black dwarf, shiney no mo’
Bright Giants come in five colo’s
Our sun is bright, classified yellow
Blue-White BG, that **** is Epsilon Canis Majo’
Super Giants 10-70 times mass solar
Hyper Giants 100–150, **** is psycho
Largest Super is VY Canis Majo’
There’s 10 more Qs I should have studied mo’
Yo!  The chick front of me is hot like whoa!
Sorry this is it but homeboy I got to go

When I turn this thing in, you know it’s all correct.
Woo-Ha! I just aced that test.

Sorry this is it but homeboy I got to go

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