What’s Your Vector, Victor?

Who came up with the word “walkie-talkie?” And why did we allow him to pick that name instead of setting him down for his afternoon nap, as he was clearly a toddler to pick such a stupid name for a high tech device?

Don’t you think the inventor of the walkie-talkie is pissed off that everyone calls his creation that? I picture these two conversations being pivotal to the naming of these devices, and the hell their inventor has been through since:

Inventor, to his “special needs” friend: “Look what I invented: Portable radio communicators! With these port-comms, if you were walking over there, we could still talk.”

Special Needs Friend, (picks one up, starts pantomiming) “Walkie-Talkie. Walkie-Talkie.”

Inventor: “Seriously, these port-comms are a going to change how we live! Think of the applications!”

Special Needs Friend: “Walkie-Talkie. Walkie-Talkie.”

Inventor: “You’re retarded.”

US Army General: “We want to make you rich by issuing these to all our men, and police, firemen, etc. What do you call them?”

Special Needs Friend, still playing with one: “Walkie-Talkie!”

US Army General: “Let’s get these Walkie-Talkies in the field to all our soldiers immediately! It’s a new era now, the Walkie-Talkie era!”

Inventor: “Dammit, Special Needs Friend!”


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