Relationship/Obscenity Advice

My friend is having relationship issues now that she’s long distance from her boyfriend. The dude is unemployed, living at home, and miserable. Why she asked me for advice, I have no idea. My theory, is that he’s acting all disinterested in her and not answering her calls/texts because he’s basically adopted the depressed, my life sucks, woe is me identity, and therefore is acting self-destructive. I’m not sure what advice I can give, because I’m not depressed (despite my depressing situation), and I’d be totally stoked if I had some cutie hung up on me. The guy is acting like he wants to be left alone for a while… so what other advice can you give besides “leave him alone for a while” ?

Another friend, through a online chat conversation, used an obscenity, but felt the need to asterisk out one letter, as if that made a difference. I knew exactly what she said, my opinion of her doesn’t change one way or the other: It’s not like I’d be appalled if she didn’t use the asterisk to censor herself. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. If you’re going to swear, swear. If you worry about what someone will think, don’t. Just censoring one letter makes me think you’re a *****.


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