My Dad… On Duke.

Some background on my dad:

He is not really a sports fan, he was a race car driver.  If not for my sports addiction, he would rarely watch sports on TV, except for racing (anything but NASCAR, which isn’t really racing) or maybe New Years Day football, the Super Bowl, Local Team Playoff games, etc.

He doesn’t even have favorite drivers/driving teams. He is just hoping for a exciting race. ONCE he admitted it would be nice if the Andretti’s won (they are from Pennsylvania like he is), and a few times he’s said “well, it would be neat if Lynn St. James won.”

So what happens during the Duke-Butler game on Monday? My dad, who never roots for anyone ever, begins YELLING AT THE TV, rooting for Butler.

They show Scheyer on screen, and he says “What do you know about him?”

My father is the man who told me to never judge a book by his cover because when his dad worked at a car dealer, he ignored a dirty hobo looking at a Cadillac, only to watch the hobo go across the street, pull CASH out of his overalls and buy a Caddy from another dealer.

This same man says “He looks like he’s a jackass.”
I said “excuse me?”
“He looks like he really needs to have someone kick his ass.”

I really hope I’ve done something in my life that’s made him as proud of me, as I was of him at that moment.


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