Reader Mail

With my massive fan base, I’m inundated with emails asking me all kinds of crazy things. So I thought I’d take the time to respond.

I found your site while googling Joss Stone for naked pictures. Do you have any?

Of course. What kind would you like? Oh, wait… you mean of Joss Stone. No, I don’t have any of her.

KevFu, love the blog, but you disappear for months at a time. What gives?

College basketball gives. I tend not to think about any interesting things during March Madness… unless you think “THAT’S A FOUL!” “ATTACK THE ZONE!” “REBOUND!” and “STROKE THE THREE!” are interesting.

Women’s Basketball? Really? Are you watching that too?

Kind of. I’ll watch women’s hoops when Dayton and Tulane are involved… or when the men’s tourney ends early on the second weekend and the women are still going on and the TV has got to be on something. That girl from Xavier missing two wide open layups to send her team to the Final Four… ouch. Let’s just say I’m glad there’s nothing that significant that I’m carrying with me for the rest of my life.

What college basketball teams do you hate?

Anyone you’ve heard of, I probably hate to some degree. It’s really a hierarchy of which ones I hate least, fluctuating based on head coach, recent success, and annoyingness of roster.

How’s the job search going?

Well, what positions do you have available?

The rest of the world is talking about the whole health care thing, any thoughts?


You’re Bejeweled Blitz scores are amazing. How do you do it?

Yes. They are amazing. I’m unemployed. What else am I doing all day, besides watching basketball?

Who the F*** are Man United?

You mean the evil Yankees of English Premier League? They are the pile of devils excrement that lies outside the city of Manchester.

Now  that the Olympics are over, you don’t care about curling, do you?

Au Contraire! The Men’s World Championships are going on!

You made the Big Brother audition line seem like it was full of normal people. C’mon, aren’t those people freaks?

Actually, I was surprised to see how many normal people there were. Generally, the people I talked to were kind of like me: extremely social extroverts who are super friendly, easy to talk to, and tend to have a bit of an ‘attention whore’ thing going.

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